Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beck's Summer in Bavaria

Picture finally! I have conquered the art of putting photos on my phone and then sending them to my online album so I have progress pic!! I met some frogs this week so haven't got as much to show as much progress as I would have liked but also am glad there weren't more frogs to impede my progress. I debated leaving the wrong stitches in there but I didn't think it would look too good to have the top of the oval be somewhere besides center!!

That said, page 3 is coming along now very well - lots of confetti stitching but more quiet time too now that I've convinced DH that the tv needs to be off when I'm counting, at least at first! He's a big supporter of stitching as art, especially HAED and he said I was making it look so easy, he just didn't realize it was tricky (boy, do I have him fooled!)

I am progressing nicely along with the healthy lifestyle too - it's all about thinking that I deserve to be healthy and I sure am happier learning how to take care of myself and in turn am inspiring others at the gym. THAT is something I never thought I would do - going to a YMCA or inspiring anyone. I can't wait to see what else is on the journey for me - I am learning how to be me, just not a wannabe person. I have learned one thing especially - I love Oriental things so am going to be de-cluttering this weekend while I stitch - for every hour of stitching, there's a half hour of organizing!

Again, I love looking at everyone's progress pictures - you all are just too inspirational and talented for words - thank you for sending your pictures and for being patient with me while I learn all of the techno things I need to learn!

Have a most wonderful week and happy stitching!
Hugs, Beck


Cindy F. said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't get your pic larger!! Congrats on making it to page 3:) It's looking awesome Beck!

Hmmmm....I love Oriental things! (well, the husband is Chinese;)

So happy you're doing so well with your healthy lifestyle! You inspire so many people with your positive attitude:) (((HUGS)))

Carolyn NC said...

Great progress - looks so good!