Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SAL Thursday?

So it's Thursday (for me in NZ) will there be a SAL or is it a bit informal?

If there is a SAL I will definitely take part! I got my fabric so I can now start Sakura by Kuik.


Astrid said...

I posted already because on thursday I dont have time.(it is wednesday evening) I tought it was the meaning of posting every thursday.

Marie said...

Hello !
Can I ask you something ? I guess I have understood the concept, but can you please tell me what the initials "SAL" does exactly mean ?
Thank you in advance !

lyssophietje said...

SAL means Stitch Alongs, if I´m correct. I can´t join the thursdays SAl ´cause I have shool on thursday. But I will post pics whenever I make progress!


Cindy F. said...

Yes!! We're having our Thursday stitch-a-long:) I'm sorry, I forget you're ahead of us in the time zone!!Have fun:)