Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mirjam: Wip pics

Hi everyone,
As I promised, here are my wip pics:

Autumn Winds - Selina Fenech (after one evening)

How it´s going to look:

Storykeeper - Selina Fenech
How it´s going to look: Ow, and in case you where wondering, I LOVE Selina´s artwork! No wonder I´ve called my daughter Selina (because besides the beautifull paintings, I think ´Selina´ is a beautifull name!)!



Cindy F. said...

Selina IS a beautiful name:)
Great progress on these 2 beautiful wips!! Keep it up girl;)

stitchinfiend said...

Ohhh another Selina fan. Selina's Leaf is my focus piece at the moment and I have also started Blossom. I have quite a few of her patterns too.

Carolyn NC said...

It is a beautiful name! You have some beautiful designs and made nice progress on both. :)

Wendy said...

Wow! Great WIP's, they both look great already!
Selina is indeed a beautiful name!

Nancy said...

Great stitching!

I am also a HUGE Selina Fenech fan! I am working on Story Keeper and Autumn Winds is on my wish list. I look forward to seeing more WIP pics!!