Saturday, March 14, 2009

Introducing myself

Good morning everyone. My name is Kathy A. and I am 56 and I live in Ontario, Canada, not far from my BFF Beatrice, who introduced herself earlier.
I have been an avid stitcher for over 20 years. Beatrice' mother, Adriana, who is now 92 and still stitching, was my teacher. She stitched a Lavender and Lace "Nantucket Rose" for me and said that from here on in I would have to do my own stitching. I was hooked.
I have been stitching madly since I retired in 2001 with my DH. I belong to a large stitching group in Canada that keep me inspired and enabled. In the winter, my DH and I winter in Southern Arizona. My stitching community then focuses on the internet since I have not found a single stitcher in my area!!!
Several months ago Beatrice and I were surfing the web and we came across HAED designs and immediately fell in love with them. We both purchased one and I spent the last few months gathering all the required threads for the both of us. What a collection of threads and colors we have.
I started my HAED on Thursday thanks to this blog and all it's inspirations. Here is my HAED

Peacock's Lagoon

and here is my progress after 3/12 hours and 250 stitches.

I am stitching on 25 count antique white Lugana 1 over 1. I can see this is going to take a while. I think I will consider this my ten year project.

You can check out my other stitching projects on my blog.

Till next time


Cindy F. said...

Yay! Welcome Kathy! We're so excited you and Beatrice have joined us! Girl, I know your stitching and how dedicated you are to your pieces AND how fast you stitch...this will definetly not take you 10 years! You've picked a gorgeous design! Congrats on a great start:)

Nancy said...

I know it seems like it will take forever, but it really doesn't. Once you get into a rhythm with the 25ct, it flies!

Carolyn NC said...

Welcome Kathy! Great start to this, too!

Melissa33 said...

Oh my, now I'm so tempted to pull out my Peacock's Lagoon to start it. Must. Resist. The. Urge. LOL.

I've been determined not to start another new project until I get one off my WIP list but just seeing that others are working on it makes me want to start....

Patchesmany said...

This is a beautiful pattern, looking forward to seeing this as it is stitched.

beth said...

Pretty start! It's a beautiful design, and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on it!

stitchinfiend said...

Kathy I just adore this piece and I look forward to watching your progress.

Wendy said...

Yeah!! Welcome Kathy to our blog!
That is such a great design you have chosen. Great start too! Can't wait to see it grow.

Maxine said...

You've made a great start Kathy and on such a lovely design too :)