Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Intro From Lisa (UK)

My name is Lisa and I'm 36 years old and from Yorkshire in the UK.
I've been stitching HAED's for about almost 4 years now I think and LOVE them. They really are a labour of love and although I stitch other things as well, I can't imagine not stitching on HAED's.
So far I have finished 2 designs, both by Selena Fenech. My first finish was her Dragon Fae Storykeep in 2006 and QS Tomboy followed this last year.

I then have 4 wips, one of which is my real labour of love, Nancy Faulkner's Cabin In The Woods, along with Hannah Disney's QS Alisha, Molly Harrison's QS Always Dreaming and Sara Butcher's Romeo & Juliet. Cabin is about 25 pages I think, and so far I'm on my 5th lol, so I know it's going to take years, but that's ok, I've no intention of going anywhere for a while lol.

I haven't worked on any of my others except Cabin in some time, so I'm excited that by joining here it might motivate me to pull my others out and put some stitches in them as well!


Bonnie said...

Wow Lisa, your stitching is awesomw. I love them all.especially the one with the red whitw and blue colors. I am not sure which one it is. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

Wendy said...

Hi Lisa, welcome to our blog too!
Congrats on your 2 finishes! They look so great!

Love your WIP's too! Can't wait to see them grow!

Cindy F. said...

Welcome Lisa!! Your pieces are amazing!!! Congrats on 2 gorgeous finishes and all those stitches in your wip's! We're glad you're joining us and we hope to see some progress on 1 or all 4 of these!
Your stitching is beautiful!! Good job!

Joke said...

Fur haeds at the time, I admire that! And they all look great :)

stitchinfiend said...

Lisa they all look wonderful and you are in good company with 4 on the go. I have 10 started and 3 kitted up. Yikes did I just confess to that.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - Great progress on them all!

Suzie said...

Lisa, you are a pro HAED stitcher!! Wow! How inspiring!! I love your finishes, and am anxious to see your other projects take bloom!