Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HAED Reward Program

Did all of you know about HAED's reward program? (hopefully, the link will work. It was a long one!) You finish your project, and send them photos, along with all of the data, and you get a chart of the same or lesser value for free! This also applies to any that are already completed! I know that some of you have some already completed, or close to it, so this is that extra incentive to keep stitching!

What a wonderful program, and the only thing that they ask in return, is that they reserve the right to use your image in their catalog! Now how great is that??

Everyone have a great Stitching Thursday!



Cindy F. said...

Suzie! That's awesome news! Thank you for sharing that with us:)
I did not know about it and I'm very excited to hear this!

Yoyo said...

That is like an awesome promotion!! Thanks for sharing.

stitchinfiend said...

When I woke at 3am feeling a little sick in the tummy so I checked the HAED site I thought I was seeing things. I have finished 1 Full Size and 5 QS's so it was wonderful picking out some patterns. Made me feel a lot better......LOL. Now to find time to start them.

Yvonne said...

That is really nice of them for having this Reward Program. It makes me want to work on my current HAED even more.

Stitchinfiend, please let us know which ones you are getting.


stitchinfiend said...

I got Spirit of Summer - Ciro Marchetti (I am going to have a hard time not starting this straight away)
QS Beloved One - CCKuik
QS Coral Addiction - CCKuik
QS Shy - CCKuik
QS Caribbean Blue Mermaid - Nadia Tate
QS Moment of Tranquility - Nadia Tate

Wendy said...

That sure is some exciting news!! First I have to be able to finish one :)

Sally said...

That is so generous of Michele and Bob. I've had 6 HAED finishes ( 5 QS and one TT) but I've only pics of 5 of them as one was for a gift so is with it's new owner. The picture I took isn't very good.

Astrid said...

Wohooo I have 5 finishes........ What generous of them...

Nancy said...

Wow! How generous is that? Now I want to get moving on my 2 WIP!!

Thanks for the info!