Friday, March 20, 2009

Grid Line

Good Morning!

I'm getting ready to go look at everyone's progress, but first, I'd like to share a reassurance to anyone who is concerned about how easy the gridwork is to remove when you are ready to do so.

A few minutes ago, I walked through the dining room, and one of our cats, Ripley (maybe I should change his name), is playing with his cat toys in the sunlight on the floor, and I'm thinking "Awwww, isn't that cute. .", then realized when the light hit it right, that he was playing with a piece of the red fish line that I use for gridding. Well, not wanting him to swallow one of the little pieces, that I'm so careful to dispose of, I bend down to distract him with another toy, while taking it away from him. .I KNOW that you all know where I'm going with this! lol And as I am tugging this piece of line, it is getting longer and longer! I'm rapidly thinking that he somehow got a hold of the spool, and unwound it, but it has a secure cover on it, and I don't see it in the immediate vacinity. THEN, Ms. Slow On The Uptake, here, realizes that she left her projects on the table last night, in hopes of getting in a few gridlines and stitching throughout the day.

With much dread for what I'm going to find, I look on the table, and to my great relief, don't see a lot disturbed, thankfully, but when I picked up my linen, it is missing a number of strands of fish line that I had already painstakingly woven through the fabric, and if that wasn't enough, he also managed to pull one out of my other project, that has floss already sewn in that area! How he managed that, with the edges taped, I don't know, except I found evidence of tiny teeth marks on the tape. Thankfully, he didn't snag any of the floss though, I think, from the kitty hair that I'm finding on the fabrics, that he preferred to anchor them down, by sitting on them, while he worked away on the ends sticking out.

So, lesson to me, to make sure I put everything away between stitching times. And, now we all know exactly how easy it is to remove those grid lines! And if you are having any trouble with yours, Ripley has informed me that for the small price of a can of tuna in water (no oil, please) and a new catnip toy, he will gladly remove them for you!

What is it about any art form and cats? No matter what I am doing, they HAVE to be right there, watching every step. I don't know if they are studying so that in their next life, they will be an accomplished craftsperson from the moment they are born, or if they are watching to make sure that I'm doing it correctly! lol

Everyone have a great day!!

P.S. I was sitting there, re-gridding, when a thought zoomed into my head. .I wonder if he could learn to selectively frog for me, whenever I need it! Maybe I should turn his interest and talents for extracting to good use!

It probably wouldn't work though. .he only tends to do things when he feels like it, or otherwise feels that there is some benefit in there for him. And knowing what a soft touch I am, he'll want more than some tuna & catnip! lol It was a good thought, anyway.


Yoyo said...

Oh that is tooooooooooo funny. Thanks for sharing. I love my fishing line!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

This is really funny! If I will be gridding my work and I don't know how to remove it, I will ask your cat. I will take care for a can of tuno for

Valerie L. said...

You made me laugh!!
Just one thing... I'm illegaly reading this blog at my job LOL! I'll try to laugh quietly next time :P

Cindy F. said...

Girl!! I love this post! You are too funny;) Thanks for making us smile today!!

dianemi said...

Oh my goodness Suzie... too funny. Now I know I wouldn't need Ripley for grid line removal, but selective frogging? Now that idea I really like. ;)

Carolyn NC said...

Too funny - I have a dog and a cat and don't trust either one of them around my needlework (or anything else for that matter, especially the three month old puppy!) So glad nothing major was ruined, but definitely good for a laugh!