Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anita H introduction

Well, if I am doing this right, will introduce myself.
I've been on the HAED BB for maybe 4 yrs, stitching HAEDs as long. Fell in love with Linda Ravenscroft and Stephanie Law. I've got way too many wips, so many I refuse to count them!
I'm married to Mike, have one son, Sean, and his lovely wife Jessica. They have 2 wonderful boys, Cameron, 3 1/2 and Brady, 1 the end of March. I retired from nursing last may, was an ER nurse for 32 yrs, and PACU for 9. Now we watch little boys 2-3 days a week, much more fun. I've been stitching for at least 32 yrs, compulsively for about 12. Other designers I like are Lavender and Lace, Mirabilia, Shepherd's Bush, Victoria Sampler, Just Nan. Also love to read, cook, travel. We go to Maine at least once a yr, have been going there for 20 yrs. We took up sea kayaking a few yrs ago, it's great paddling around the Maine coast.
It's been such fun on the BB connecting with other insane stitchers, who plan on working on these humongous projects for the rest of our lives. I love watching everyone's pieces emerge, and sometimes seeing one being stitched makes me take another look at that one. These are truly heirloom works of art.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say.
Stitch well!!


Cindy F. said...

Wow girl! You have an exciting life! I also like the other designers you like to stitch:) I agree, these are truly heirlooms...priceless heirlooms!
Welcome to our group! We're very excited you've joined us and can't wait to see your progress-es;)

Wendy said...

Welcome to our blog Anita! You have indeed an exciting life! Can't wait to see some projects from you!

BW said...

Welcome Anita!

Terri said...

Hi Anita good to see you