Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Progress Passes Inspection

I have some progress to show...although it doesn't look like much, I've actually doubled how much I had stitched before. Miss Pollyrose (my dance partner when DWTS is on) got curious and had to see what was propped up on her window seat (for the best natural light) when I was taking the progress pic. I LOVE this pic!



Louanne said...

Looking good Susan, what chart is it?

Dancing With Pussycats said...

Oops, Louanne! I got so excited about introducing Miss Feline in the pic that I forgot the name of my project! It's Touching the Hem of God.

Sabine S. said...

What a sweet picture! I have a stitching buddy too, of the canine variety. I like this pattern, it will be fun watching it come to life.