Sunday, March 4, 2012

Angelic, Queen of Hearts and The Last Leaves

During the last months I have spent my little free time in various charts, but I have no great advance in any of them.
In Angelic progress has been on heaven, the face will be the next step.

I finished another page of Queen of Hearts.

I also started Faces of Faery 75, on Lugana fabric 2 on 1, but I didn't like the result and I undid it to restart it 1 over 1.

And fnally a few weeks ago I decided to start The Last Leaves,  another design of Jasmine Becket Griffith but my progress has been very small and most of it in white colour. I'm doing in Lugana fabric, 1 on 1.

In my next update I hope to show you something much better...

Happy stitching!


flo gribouille said...

sacré travail avec de grandes plages de même couleur, beau travail. Bonne continuation

Faerie said...

All three look great! Love the first one.