Sunday, March 11, 2012

HAED's Mini Semiyar as of 11th March 2012 (Page 6 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hello again everyone,

Last night I finished page 6 and Semiyar is now the proud owner of a totally stunning face!

Total Progress So Far
I'm totally in awe of how beautifully his face has come out but it's left me with a niggle through. Seeing how flawlessly his face is blended why is the background so patchy.... is it because there are only 20 odd colours in the palette that had meant the background can't be blended more as there aren't enough colours to do so? I've messaged Michele at HAED to see what she says about it but I'm just glad that the appearance of his face actually draws your attentions to Semiyar himself and away from the background so it doesn't look half as bad as it did before but it's still a real shame!

See you all soon!



Marie said...


I try to understand your feeling about the background. Do you mean that it is not good enough charted ?

flo gribouille said...

c'est magnifique quel travail bravo bizz de Paris

Elaine said...

I've had the same thoughts about a few backgrounds I've seen - in fact, I think my QS Fantasea has the same issue.

Louanne said...

I think if you're not looking at it so close it won't be a problem. Take a few steps back and look at it as if it were hanging on the wall. When we stitch we're right on top of it all the time. It's hard to get a good feel for it. I think your work is stunning!

l'amata said...

Beautiful work! So many hours . . .
I find that even a few steps back from the piece I'm working on, I can still see the divisions in color, since I was the one stitching :) I've found it helpful to look at it from across the room while narrowing my eyes (not quite squinting, but close). That gives you the 'whole' look without letting your brain concentrate on where you know all the color shades end individually.

Anonymous said...

I think the face looks great, but agree about the background. There have been several HAED charts (regular and mini) that I haven't bought because I didn't like the was the background wasn't blended.

Anonymous said...

I agree -- why in the world is the face so beautifully blended, but the background so splotchy?

And I absolutely do NOT agree with the old excuse "stand across the room, you're too close" -- to me, that's just a copout. (Sorry, Louanne.) ESPECIALLY when close up the face looks so beautiful. If you don't have to stand away from your work to see the beautiful face, you sure as heck shouldn't have to stand away to get the background to blend together!!!

Hopefully Michele will get back to you, and not with the standard "it'll look better if you stand across the room" excuse.