Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Updates - Faerie Melody (Page 5 Done) and Faces Of Faery 141 (Page 2 Progress) by Gizzimomo

Here's the latest update on my HAED stitching as of this morning, 25th February 2011.

First up is Faerie Melody..... I FINALLY finished page 5. It was a nightmare of confetti stitching and obviously wasn't helped by my desperate wanting to stitch Faces of Faery 141, but I finally got there and finished the page. The blues stitched up easily but the leaves were all confetti  and really irritated me but it was worth holding on and getting it done in the end. The thought of all the confetti to come in the future is so off-putting but I need to put it to the back of my mind or this will rapidly turn into a UFO and that just can't happen! I'll try to start the next page when I've finished the current FOF141 page.

Page 5 Done

Progress So Far

Next up is Faces Of Faery 141. I stitched on her Saturday and Sunday before going back to Faerie Melody on Monday, once the page on Faerie Melody was done last night I got FOF141 back out and started stitching her again , so here is a current progress shot of her! She's coming along nicely and so far there's been little confetti as there's just big block of same colours which makes stitching easy and fast, I think all the confetti is going to be on her face when I get there. I've got metallics on the white rabbit coming up very soon so it'll test the suitable of this new Sulky thread I'm test-driving. I'm really pleased with how she's stitching up though as she's a total joy!

Page 2 Progress

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Wendy said...

Beautiful projects!

Magally said...

You're working on some very nice projects ! Keep up your good work ;)

Faerie said...


Louanne said...

I know it's driving you mad but Faerie Melody is amazing! Well worth the work. You are really moving on FOF141, great job!

Bonnie520 said...

I love your faces of farey. I had to go onto hard to see which one that was. Very cool. Can't wait to see more progress