Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pg 1 QS "Sweet Selena"

Hi there,

Here is Page 1 with all the Black of "Sweet Selena" Don't ask my why I'm doing all the black first.....But it kinda happened that way..........

Finished Piece -

"Sweet Selena" QS

Pg 1 Black
I brought this and another Chart in the HAED Sale.............I think its going to be for my sister's birthday, In April. I'm also off on Annual Leave for the Next 10 days! Its so nice not to have to think about work.......

Stats - 18 cnt Antique White Adia, 175w x 252h, Artist - Hannah Lynn, 44,100 Stitches, DMC Thread

Happy Stitching All!


demeter83 said...

I quite like the idea of doing all the black first on these charts, then it kinda becomes like colouring in.
Do you have any plans for your annual leave, or are you going to have a stitch-a-thon?

Magally said...

Very nice start ! This design is absolutely wonderful !!

threadbear said...

I look forward to seeing this one - I have her in my stash. She is seriously cute!

Faerie said...

I can't wait to see those gorgeous colours appear!