Sunday, February 6, 2011

Retired Artists SAL

Here's the close up of my progress on Goblin. I'm working on finishing up page 13 and I've spilled over a bit into page 14. I have the full pic on my personal blog if you'd like to see her face. It's too large to fit the whole thing in the scanner now. The chart is a total of 20 pages, so I'm closer to the finish line than the starting point, but still a long way to go. ;-)

I forgot to post an update here on my Dark Cherry, so here she is after the "Faces" SAL on the board. Nice to see her with 2 eyes!


Gizzimomo said...

Both peices are gorgeous!! Fantastic work!

Ingrid said...

Both are very nice and you have great assets, great work!

SporadicStitcher said...

They are both gorgeous WIPs! Dark Cherry is a rather popular design, isn't it?