Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bottom of the Garden by Babs

I stitch pretty slow, and I don't have a lot of updates, but here is a new one :D

Almost everything under the blue part was allready stitched when I noticed I misplaced the whole part and in the wrong color. So everything had to be unpicked again. Today I finally placed the last stitch of the second page. And I have to admit, the confetti-stitching was working on my nerves. Every time taking a new thread for only one stitch in a whole area of around 500 stitches where the neck of the dragon starts.

Close up from the dragon's neck.

Part of the tentacle of the dragon and wing faerie.

Love, Babs


threadbear said...

Beautiful! Your stitches are so neat!

CathE said...

It looks amazing. The confetti stitching can be frustrating be the effect is always worth it. Keep up the great work.