Sunday, February 6, 2011

Porthole of Fantasy 1: JBG - stitched by Jo

Hello everyone, this is my most recent photo of my wip. I have now reached halfway and I am so pleased with the way she is stitching up!


SporadicStitcher said...

Yay, halfway point!!! I especially love the dragon in this design. Btw, how do you intend to frame this picture? The white around the circle of colours is bare fabric, correct?

Louanne said...

WOW! You're mving right along! So fast!!! I love the draggie in this one. Great work!

Gizzimomo said...

Gorgeous! This was going to be my next start but since you were already stitching it I decided to do QS Emerald Dragon instead and to since her lateer in the year! I hope I can do her as nicely as you are!

threadbear said...

Sporadic - I am hoping to find a great framer who can make a round frame as yes, the fabby is bare around the outside!

Aww gizzi, that's fab :-) You'll love her, she really is a great stitch!

*blush* thanks louanne