Sunday, February 6, 2011

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid"

Hi Everyone,

Well I have made my first new start for 2011, I also think I may have a new Love, In the form of Hannah Disney's Artwork! WOW!

So this is a gift for a 40th later on in the year.

I have made a decent start over the weekend, and will be picking up "Envy" tomorrow.

Here is the progress -

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid"
This is what it should look like when done. I'm amazed at how quickly it is coming along. The colours are fantastic, nice and bright, also a change from green. I'm also going to leave all the 819 till the end as I really don't want it to get dirty.

Some stats - 18cnt Antique White, 165w x 234h, 38,610 stitches, DMC Thread

Happy Stitching all.


threadbear said...

What a great start! I would love to have received her for my 40th lol!

SporadicStitcher said...

That is some amazing progress for just one weekend. Any idea how much time in minutes you have spent on this design? I'm doing QS Oliana Otter by the same artist, and it is rather confetti heavy. Is this design less so?

Louanne said...

Beautiful work! It's fun when you can enjoy the colors you're stitchin with. ;-)

Gizzimomo said...

Nice start, can't wait to see more!