Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Rose from Christensen

Finally a page done. It's so slow on the frame. But with this fabric, it is beautiful. Its a Belfast linnen. February is not over yet so I'm going to start the second page. The crackle effect of the dress is good to see. I am working with 16 different shades of green. You become totally spinning from when you look at it.


Marie said...

I can not tell you how strongly I was waiting for your start on The First Rose.
I knew that you were working on it this month, and I remembered the beautiful fabric that you chose for it. So I was in thoughts with you during your start !
And now, look at this marvelous result !!!
It is gorgeous, and I think that the colors are much more bright and beautiful then the original painting !

Really amazing...
Thank you for sharing it !

And, I can hardly wait until your next update... but I will !

Happy stitching Astrid !!!

Sabine S. said...

Wonderful start Astrid! The greens and the crackling are the reasons I bought this one too...maybe some day I'll pull her out again. Just too much fabric to handle in my 6 inch Q Snaps.

So, if the frame is slowing you down, how do you usually stitch? And I feel like tying one hand behind your back because you're still fast!!!!!

Gizzimomo said...

Great start, good luck with the rest of the peice!

threadbear said...

Those greens are gorgeous! Beautiful :-)

The Manbroider said...

Awsome work with all the Greens! I feel your pain, but its very much worth! Looks Awsome!