Sunday, March 27, 2011

Faces Of Faery 141 Update as of 27th March 2011 (Page 4 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hi Everyone

Here’s the latest page finish on Faces Of Faery 141 now that page 4 is done!

Alice now had a pretty little eye and is looking so gorgeous, time for her to go away for a little while so I can work on Faerie Melody again!

HAED's Faces Of Faery 141 as of 27.03.2011 (Page 4 Done)
HAED's Faces Of Faery 141 as of 28.03.2011 (Progress So Far)

See you soon with a Faerie Melody update hopefully!

Thea xxxx


demeter83 said...

She has an eye, how exciting is that?
And, now that it's fully stitched, the ear isn't blending into her face, so that's good.
Woohoo all round!

Magali said...

She looks really nice !!