Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anojaa- blue bird/ wizard of oz UPDATE

Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks for your warm welcome. It's great to be here! And thanks again to Laura for being my buddy.

A little update on my dear Blue bird. It starts to show a little bit now. I'm so happy that I want to share it with you.
it's a real feast of colors! I love it. Stitched on 28 ct, one over one, full crosses.

And this is my new start, The wizard of oz. i've started from the bottom right. i wanted to see that part, as other ladies are doing wonderful work on the left side. I've tried tent stitching for this one.
so there it is after day one
Stitched on 28 ct, two over one, tent.

Happy stitching!
Thanks a lot, have a nice week
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Ewa said...

Oh dear, so much confetti. It's looking great, though! Look forward to seeing more!