Sunday, March 13, 2011

QS Emerald Dragon as of 13th March 2011 (Pages 2 & 3 Done) by Gizzimomo

Hey guys!

Well here we are with Emerald Dragon and Page 2 is done! Incidentally Page 3 is also done but only because Page 3 has no stitching on it, so next page with stitching will be Page 4.

My little dragon now has a head and neck and looks sooooooo cute! While I was stitching him it looked like just a mass of green and as usual as soon as I stepped back there he was in all his glory and I’m really pleased with how he’s coming out!

HAED's QS Emerald Dragon as of 13.03.2011 (Pages 2 & 3 Done)

Well it’s back to Terra for the BB SAL now to do Page 2 on her and get her out of the way. I’m must admit I’m really not looking forward to stitching her again so I guess this is make or break for her as either I won’t be able to bring myself to do the horrible tent stitching anymore and she’ll get permanently benched or I will be able to bear doing it and she’ll make the cut…. time will tell I guess!

See you all later,

Thea xxxx


Xeihua said...

he's looking so cute.


Magali said...

Your little dragon is looking so cute ! So lovely !!