Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anojaa - Blue bird

Hello everyone

Thanks to my buddy Laura, I can join your stitching blog.
My name is Anojaa, I'm 33, french girl with sri lankan roots. I'm stitching on and off since the age of 10. And this is my first HAED.
First of all, I want to thank all of you : your blog is great and your stitching fantastic. From some time I was yearning for an HAED. But I thought it wasn't for me, I wasn't sure of the outcome, etc.

So thanks to you, I've started one and I'm extremely glad I did (well, most of the time, when I'm not struggling with my confettis stitches). I've chosen Blue Bird of Josephine Wall. Not an easy start but I couldn't resist the beautiful colours.

So this is the result after a few days

Sorry you can't see much (just a tiny little bit of the wing, if you look very carefully). I hope next time i can show you more.
I'm stitching on 28count Jobelan, one over one, bottom to top of the first page. I should have started at the bottom but I want to see the top first, so now, I can just hope that no dividing line will appear.
Happy stitching

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Magally said...

I'm also from France ;-) Very nice start on your haed ! Good luck with the rest of it !

nuttystar said...

What a great start! I also have blue bird all kitted up and ready to go but I haven't started yet. I might just have to get it out and make a start. Then we could work on it together :)

anojaa said...

To Magally: merci beaucoup, I will try my best
To nuttystar: thank you so much. What a great idea, it would be fantastic to have some company.I love your work.