Friday, March 11, 2011

Curl Up With A Good Book - SAL

Here is my little dragon appearing at the bottom of the page. This is the finished page 1, page 2 was released at the beginning of the month and the fabric is now all gridded up and I'm ready to go.


demeter83 said...

Looking gorgeous. I'm about to start my first Spangler chart and I'm really excited cos they're so cute!
Looking forward to seeing the next page

Magally said...

I love this design ! It's so cute ! I can't wait to see more of your little dragon !

Bobbie said...

I love this cute chart. The colors are so cheerful. GREAT WORK - you are moving along nicely on this and I look forward to watching your little dragon grow.

Bobbie :)

Astrid said...

O wow that glass !!! beautiful dragons are cute .