Monday, March 14, 2011

Kim's Lance & Gwen update 3-14-11

Hello everyone, thanks again to Susan for kindly posting my latest update.
The brown shmush that will eventually look like a window is actually starting to take shape, which I'm very happy about. There are even a couple of areas of solid stitching now, which is cool, although I'm actually debating carrying for the next page, but I'll see how I feel at the time.
I've actually just started a second HAED (oops, how did that happen?), so I've now got two projects to update on.
Thoroughly enjoying seeing everyones progress
Stuff I have to say
Lancelot & Guinevere by Selena Fenech
Stitched on 25 count DMC evenweave, full crosses 1 over 1.
I think that's everything I need to say.
Happy stitching everyone
Kim (demeter83)


Magally said...

That's a nice design you're working on ! And it's a really nice start. Can't wait to see more of it or of the new haed you started ;-)

Gizzimomo said...

Very pretty!

Bobbie said...

Beautiful start! The colors are very pretty in this one. I'm getting ready to start my first HAED design. I look forward to watching this one grow. I'll keep checking to see the update on your new HAED.
Bobbie :)