Sunday, March 20, 2011

HAED’s Terra as of 20th March 2011 (For the BB SAL 2011) by Gizzimomo

Another page on Terra is done so I can put her away for another month or so. I found her much easier to stitch on this time round, I don’t know if it’s because I finally got my head around the tenting or if it’s simply because there is more of her to see now and the colours are now brighter but either way she is now definitely going to get finished and not become a UFO or a restart so that’s a relief I guess.

Well here she is……..

HAED's BB SAL Terra as of 20.03.2011 (Page 2 Done)

I’m back with Faces Of Faery 141 now for the time being so there will be another update VERY soon!

Thea xxxx

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ana~stitch said...

Shes's sooo cute, Thea! I want more Fairy Music tho!!