Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Envy" and "Sweet Selena"

I have Finally Finished Pg 11,12 and Started Pg 13 of "Envy"

It felt so good to finish that bottom row!

Bottom Row Done!
Pg 11,12 Up Close
Pg 13 Started "Envy"
The Pictures really dont do it Justice. All the Greens Look Fantastic together.

Also I have done Another pg of Black on "Sweet Selena" You can see her Hands and the Heart at the bootom really coming along.....Not long until we can start adding some colour ..........

"Sweet Selina"
Stats - HAED "Envy" - 18 cnt, 2 over 1, DMC threads
           HAED QS "Sweet Selena" - 18 cnt, 2 over 1, DMC Threads, 4 Skeins of 310 so far........

Everyones work is looking Fantastic!

Happy Stitching all!


Ewa said...

It's looking gorgeous! When I saw your previous post about "Envy" I was tempted to buy all the sins and try my hand at them too but I have so many patterns as is... perhaps someday. Until then I eagerly await your next update! -Ewa

Magally said...

'Envy' looks really great. And I love "Sweet Selina". You had a great idea to start with all the black. It's lovely to see her appearing like this !

CathE said...

Envy looks fantastic. All the greens look realy rich.