Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wendy's progress

Hi my friends,

First of all Cindy and I would like to thank Sabine for this wonderful idea to help members who are on the waiting list. By this, their progresses can be shown as well and will get encouraged by our wonderful group. Thanks so much for your lovely post.

Who is ready for our next Thursday SAL ? I'm in for tomorrow. Here is my progress of last week and I hope I can finish my 5th page this week.



In the meantime I keep enjoying your wonderful progress. I would love to start a new design. I'm not sure how long it will take me to not start something new. I did collect my threads already for "Santa Claus on the North Pole" and I have my fabric too. Now the only thing I have to do is start on it, but I have already 6 WIP's ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful week.



Ingrid said...

I know what you mean Wendy, I would like to start something new but I really have enough to do (lol)! What a wonderful progress you have already created, you Land of Enchantment looks beautiful!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful Wendy! Almost finished with your 5th page!! WOW! I'm in for tomorrow too:)
As fast as you stitch, I'd start another new project if you're really wanting to! You don't have a habit of putting things away forever, so you know all your projects will get finished:)
Can't wait to see it!

Sabine S. said...

You're welcome Wendy! I'm glad to help. I remember the feeling of hoping I would still make it in when I sent my e-mail to Cindy asking to be a member.

The Astronomer and I are in for Thursday's SAL.

You made great progress this week! It doesn't seem that there's been enough time for you to be on page 5!!!


Jan said...

Oh, you can so finish page 5. It is looking great.

Valerie L. said...

Hi Wendy! Your progress is amazing!
Keep up the good work and I'm glad to see you again on this post!

CathE said...

Don't tempt me with new starts - I've got far too much on the go already.

Lovely progess on this piece and good luck with finishing that page 5!

Joke said...

Wendy this is wonderful! Great progress and you are doing so fast!

kerbear said...

Oh wow! I can't believe you are almost done with page 5. If I would actually stop starting new projects, I might be on page 5 of one of them!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic progress beautiful!

Carolyn NC said...

It looks fantastic! I've had very little time to stitch my HAED lately but want to remedy that this next week. Yours is coming along so well!

Astrid said...

Very nice.... I think the brighter colors are next !!