Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hope you'll join me tomorrow and I really hope I make better progress on my St. Nick!
Last week, the new fall tv programs distracted!

Have fun everyone! Can't wait to see your progress!!

Cindy F.


Sabine S. said...

I'm in too, but TV threatens to draw my attention away, again. Survivor, CSI or Police Women of Broward County, and season finale of LA Ink. All that while I'm supposed to be working!
Sabine and The Astronomer

kerbear said...

I'm in for tonight! I've got a doctors appointment for my ankle this afternoon and I have a feeling after they prod, poke, take a million x-rays and what not, that I will definitely need some stitching to relax myself! Look forward to everyone's progress!

Wendy said...

I have been stitching just a tiny bit on my "Land of Enchantment". For the moment it is very busy for me, but I will try to post my little progress as soon as possible.