Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aurora's Garden

Here's my weekly progress pic. I purchased the next 20 colors I needed, which let me fill in the "holes" from last week. And look! Two identifiable swirlies in the sea of green and blue!!!

And I'm drooling...

The Astronomer (Pinkney, new release 09/04/09)
Happy stitching to everyone this week! Hope we can all get back into (or keep) the groove!


Carolyn NC said...

Your swirlies are so pretty - these colors just grab me!

Cindy F. said...

OH WOW!! LOVE the colors and your swirlies! Beautiful progress Sabine!
and "The Astronomer" is incredible!!

Hoping to get back into my groove soon too;)

Astrid said...

Are you starting the Astronomer ???? I have bought it and I am counting the fabric.... Love to see some of youre start. !!!! (And for some others this is not my misteryproject. !!!!)

Sabine S. said...

I haven't bought it...yet! It's been talking to me since its release and I really want it. I have 5 HAEDs, only one of which I really like to stitch. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, I made a list of criteria, likes/dislikes for any new piece I buy. Fortunately, The Astronomer meets them all! Do have to buy fabric :-(

MarchAnn58 said...

Love the colors on this and the swirls look great.
The Astronomer is a Wow my friend got it as soon as she saw it the other day.

Wendy said...

Wonderful progress!!

I love the Astronomer design too ;)

Joke said...

Drooling with you ;)

Ingrid said...

The Astronomer's such a beautiful design it is also on my favorites list, I look forward to seeing your progress!