Monday, September 7, 2009

Calla (SPL) - a new start and a Rag doll update

August was not a good month for me so there is noting to show, however come Sept. things at home have gotten back to normal and the stitching has come out again.

First, a new start tented 1 over 1 with HDF silks on 32 ct Star Saphire Joblean : This one is from S Pui-Law and is called Calla. The colours are just lovely so far... I managed to get a bit over half a page done so far.

I also pulled out RagDoll from L. Ravenscroft (a chart which was pulled a while back)

and I managed to get a nice piece done.... nearly 3 pages so far : also tented
on 32 ct Lugana 1 over 1
Hope everyone has had a good summer.


Sue in N. Va said...

Wow, Sonya! You're zoomin'!!

It is SOOOOOO nice to see you back to stitching!


Wendy said...

Wow! That is some real great progress!! Keep up the good work!

Louanne said...

Sonya, another new start???? Keep it up girl, you make me feel better! I have the new start bug myself, these days. I have one all kitted up and ready to start soon!
You stitching is beautiful, as always. I'm so happy to see your rag doll again! Calla is so pretty and serene.

Carolyn NC said...

So pretty - both of them!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitching!! and I LOVE Rag Doll!! Too cute!

Ingrid said...

That is some real great progress!! Keep up the good work!
Beautiful stitching!!