Sunday, September 20, 2009

QS White Cat (17 Sept 09)

Although I didn't post last week as I spent a lovely week away with my partner and our two dogs I did take my stitching with me and managed to do a little. I had quite a good stitching day on Thursday and it wasn't until I took the fabric off my Q-snap that I could see the full effect and it's really pleasing to see the fabric come alive as the picture grows. I still think I will stick to my original plan and leave the facial features of the cat until last. This is how it looked Thursday -

I've also been stitching on this over the weekend and next week I hope to have a lot more to show.

Monday I had a little "shopping spree" and have bought the fabric ready to restart my Cats in the New year. I decided to buy 28 count white cashel linen and I know this will be huge (approx 16" x 32") if I start to save for the framers now I should have enough by the time it's finished which will be in quite a few years time!

After reading a recent post by Louanne where she mentioned the work of Linda Ravenscroft I just coudn't resist this chart

but the problem is there are a set of four so maybe I will have to make another purchase very soon :) If anyone has done any of these I would love to see the pics or if they are on your list of new starts please let me know and maybe we could start together.

It's a lovely day here in the UK so I'm going to sit outside and stitch. Happy stitching.


Sabine S. said...

I love the castle that's appeared in the backgorund! I'm guessing the kitty's face is your favorite and geting to it is your inspiration to keep stitching the more boring parts? I don't take my fabby off the Q-Snaps except to move it and I'm always amazed how different it looks from afar, noy right under my nose.

Louanne said...

Oh you tease! Leaving the cat's features till last! I think I will burst with anticipation! It looks fantastic so far!
Always happy to enable! LR is my favorite artist at HAED. It's not a problem that there are 4 of them. There's just more to love! LOL! I want to get back to my Arthur soon. I will stitch them all, I may have to ive 100 more years, but I will stitch them! I can't wait to see your start on Merlin.

CathE said...

Your stitching is looking beautiful.

Cindy F. said...

Just look at your incredible, beautiful progress girl!! and love the LR chart!

Joke said...

What a beautiful cat is coming along! Love the coulours and the background :)

Wendy said...

That is a very lovely progress!! Can't wait to see more.

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching looks great!