Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's all Sabine's fault!

Yep, she badgered me into starting Astronomer with her. So of course during my LNS's anniversary sale I had to go ahead and buy the fabric. It is 28 ct ivory lugana. The flash washed out the picture somewhat. I started last night and after 2 hours of stitching, in nothing but the cursed black, this is what I have to show. I haven't really kitted it. I decided I would just pull together the floss as I go along. Afterall, what will I need at first besides black?



Sabine S. said...

Heeheehee! Misery loves company,right? Really glad you started!!! I haven't fully kitted, only about 20 colors because really, we can stitch for weeks with the 15 skeins of black! I feel my floss traveling soon... I so wanted to start with the velvety red curtains. :-(

Astrid said...

if the 310 is sold out we are in problems !!!!!!!!
We are with 3 who are doing the astronomer !! who love to see your progres to jan.

Louanne said...

Looks like the Astronomer has made a big splash in the HAED stitching community! Kudos to all of you that have started it. I can't wait to see more of it come together. Really Jan,
sabine badgered you? I think is was just a bit of gentle arm twisting is all it took. ;-)
I always buy more 310 whenever I go floss shopping, even if I don't need it for the particular chart I am shopping for. I know they always run out, so if 310 is there, I get a few skeins, every time. That way I have a stash of 310 ready when I need it. I bought the Sifter chart, so I know I will need 14 skeain of 310 for that alone, when I start it sometime in the future.
Your little black stitches look so neat, great work!

kerbear said...

You guys make me laugh! I need 83 skeins of 310 for my Wrath(of course I am doing mine on 18ct with 3 strands)...we are all gonna clean out the stitching stores!!!

I am really looking forward to seeing all of your progress pics for this one!

CathE said...

Glad I've got all the 310 I need for my piece - looks like there's going to be a run on it.

Great start and I look forward to seeing your progress.

Cindy F. said...

Awesome!! congrats on a great start!! That's a lot of little x's!!

Joke said...

Love the colours LOL

Wendy said...

Great start!! Fun to see that you guys are with three to start on the same design!

Carolyn NC said...

Now really, what are friends for, if not to enable?! Nice start. :)