Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursday SAL

For those wishing to participate in our Thursday SAL, get those needles ready:)

I'll be working on a Christmas ornie for our IH35 Austin stitching group's exchange. I have til the 1st Sat. in Dec. and as much as I hate finish, finishing small items, if I don't do it now whomever gets my gift will have a piece of stitched fabric only.

I really wish I'd thought of it earlier, because we could have done a "volunteer only" Christmas exchange. Drats!!

Have fun tomorrow! Can't wait to see more of all your stitchy goodness:)

Cindy F. and Wendy


maegwin4 said...

I'm in with QS Citrine. I need to catch up on it anyway.
What few needles I have left are ready.

Sabine S. said...

Count me in with First Rose! I hate finishing smalls, therefor I do not stitch any!