Saturday, November 21, 2009

The beginning of "a long winters nap"

Hi friends, this is the start of "a long winters nap" as you know I stitch for the first time 1x1 and it's really small! You look even a little of the white matter through, is this normal? The fabric is 25 ct lugano! You all make beautiful things, thanks for sharing!

(:HUGS:) Ingrid


Marie said...

Hello Ingrid !

Great that you started it !!
Do you use one or two strands of floss ? Maybe you see a little bit of the white because you are using one strand ?

It will be a so pleasant journey !!

Sabine S. said...

I bet you're thrilled to have started it and to know that you can do 1x1!With some of my dark colors a bit of the fabric peeks through too. I loosen the tension on the thread a bit and that helps. If you feel it shows too much, try 2 strands of floss

kerbear said...

I think from far away you would not be able to see the small amount of fabric showing through. Looks terrific so far!

Wendy said...

Nice start already!! Good luck with the stitching on this fabric ;)

Cindy F. said...

Great start Ingrid! I'm stitching 1 over 1 and I have some of the fabric showing through in some places too. BUT, when you hold it away from you, you don't notice it so much. The dark floss tends to make us notice this more.
If you don't like it, try a few x's on a corner of your fabric..using 2 strands and see if you like that better.

Nana said...

Looks great...great start..


Anonymous said...

I just bought this at my local shop today. I've been eyeballing it for a while! I do have a question: How big is this in the end? I know what it says on the package, but it seems to small for what it says. Feet and inches please? :)

CariAnn said...

Oh, and how would I start a cross stitch this big?? LOL... Granted I've done cross stitch for 13/14 years, but not one on this scale.