Sunday, November 15, 2009

New start, Rak'ed and progress

Am I a fool or what? I started a new design today and I am about to start another one in a week or two. I already ordered the floss I need :)
But let's begin at the beginning. Last week a dear friend surprised me with a lovely email. She had been given the opportunity by Michelle to pick a design of HAED and she wanted me to have it! I could freely make a choice of the beautiful charts of HAED! So it's not quite a RAK, but a GIFT. I like the idea stitching for the next years on a design (to my wish), chosen by my friend. So I emailed her my wishlist and asked her to make the final decision. And she chose the design I wanted the most! Forgone, by Marta Dahlig.

The new start I made today is on Overdressed Yet Enlightened. I had it all kitted up for some weeks, but I told myself I had to finish the page on Call of the Raven I was stitching on before starting another one.

This morning I finished page 25 so I can move on to page 40 (working from right to left) Halfway!

The only thing I have to add to this post is my admiration to all the beautiful stitching you all do! I enjoy my daily visit (not always leaving a message to all of you, because I sometimes take a quick look at work). Keep up the spirit!


Sabine S. said...

We are in the same boat, or should I say sinking ship?! During HAED's birthday sale I bought a chart,ordered the fabric, bought the first 20 colors, and started this Thursday. But I also saw Foregone and have been drooling ever since!

I think I may just resolve to give in. This is my hobby, my only vice! I will be busy for years to come for a small cost. My livingroom can hold many more VIPs.

I too like the idea of spending a long time working on something a friend chose. I thought about waiting for Christmas to ask for Foregone,but there isn't anyone near or far who could give it to me. So I have no choice but to buy it myself ;-)

Congrats to you on a thoughtful friend and have a wonderful week of new starts!!!

CathE said...

New starts - how wonderful I just love them.

Call of the raven is looking fantastic.

Jan said...

Call of the Raven looks great.

I've added Forgone to my wish list. There's just something about it that calls to me. It's wonderful that you got it as a gift.

Cindy F. said...

OH WOW!! LOVE your gift!! What a beautiful choice! and Raven is just AMAZING!!!

Bellatrix said...

Beautiful beautiful choise! Can't wate to see how it starts to grow!

Marie said...

Your choice for the fabric is perfect...
I'm so impatient to see your work growing...
I will be thinking about you,

Have a great week !

kerbear said...

I am a huge fan of Marta Dahlig and am excited to see your progress on Foregone! Call of the raven looks more and more lovely every week! I love the bright colors!

Wendy said...

Think we are all on the same boat ;)
Nice progress on Raven and nice new start as well, it is a gorgeous design.