Monday, November 23, 2009

First Rose

Here are the before and afters of First Rose for this last week:

I have decided to restart The Astronomer :-(. I love the pattern, had to immediately buy it, but everytime I pick it up I feel less than enthusiastic. I finally figured out why. It's the color of the fabric. I choose Ivory, as oppossed to the Cream for Aurora's Garden and Ash Rose for First Rose, because I wasn't planning on letting any of it show when it's framed. But it is so drab and dingy. It makes the whole piece feel washed out, not like the rich colors it has. I'm going to order Lavender istead. I know this is extremely picky and borders on absurd, but I'm no longer enjoying the piece that needs years of TLC.
Happy stitching to all this week!


Marie said...

Hello Sabine !

Wow... is this BEAUTIFUL ! The green colors seem to light up the hair. It's gorgeous to see this design growing, and when I see your updates, I'm diving into the world of this woman with you.

Concerning the Astronomer, you made the good choice. Because I think that you have to feel comfortable when you go on your stitch work. So, it will take just a few moments to restart it, but after, you will have many enthousiastic hours !
I have restart one design too, because I wasn't satisfied with the fabric. I don't regret it ! It's better now !
So, just go on !! I'm with you !

Happy stitching !

Wendy said...

Wow!! This is beautiful already!!

Beck said...

I love this one - and I think you made the right decision on the other one too. You do have to look at that border a long time!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful progress!
and not picky at all about changing fabric colors on The Astronomer! You're exactly need to enjoy it since it is a lengthy project! Great idea!!!

Bellatrix said...

Great progress!

I agree whit the Astronomer. I started it too last week, and my fabric colour is snow white. Maby darker colour would be better because of all that black and dark colour what is used in Astronomer.