Sunday, May 1, 2011

Update on Sunflower Bee

from my buddy Mrs.Macaw

I started on this Sunflower Bee on 12th March and has come this far now. Tomorrow I'll go to the hospital and will hopefully have the operation on Monday. Of course I'll bring my stitching! We don't use frames here in Sweden...;) 
I stitch on Evenweave 25 ct, 1 over 1, 1 strand of DMC floss


Lonneke said...

Wow! It looks amazing!
I admire you for stitching without a frame. :)
Hope you are well soon.

anojaa said...

It is so wonderful! Hope you will be well soon, good luck!

Bev said...

I absolutely love this! it is stitching gorgeous, well done hope your hospital stay goes well

demeter83 said...

It looks beautiful.
Hope everything goes okay when you're in hospital, and I look forward to seeing your next progress

Anonymous said...

Well Done ! And Stitching with no Frame! I dont think I could do that! Good Luck in the Hospital! Sending Kind Thoughts your Way!

Anonymous said...

just love how the different colors flow into the next a water colour painting

best wishes

Mrs Macaw said...

Thanks to you all! I am well and already at home. No pain this time! I am so happy.:)ao

Louanne said...

Good Lord it's gorgeous!!!!