Monday, May 9, 2011

Dragon Fae - Selina Fenech

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted here for a while so, since I've been stitching on Dragon Fae for a little bit, this past week, I decided to share with you my small progress, I intend to return to it as soon as I finish some other stitches I have to do, so I hope I'll have another update still during this month.

I'm tent stitching the background and doing full cross stitches for the dragon and for the fairy, I know there's not much to see yet but The horn of the dragon is already showing and I think that you can see the fairy wing already gaining shape.

Happy Stitches,



threadbear said...

Great start! :-)

threadbear said...

You've made a great start :-)

Terri said...

Great start