Friday, May 27, 2011

Bottom of the Garden by Babs

Hello all, it's been a while but I have some (little) progress on my Bottom of the Garden. I hope to get the 3th page finished by the end of June, but I'm not sure about it. This page has a little part of the wings in it, so that means a lot of confetti stitching.

I love the progress on all of your works, but unfortenatly Blogger isn't letting me post comments. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Love, Babs


Faerie said...

Looks great Babs =)

mdgtjulie said...

It's looking good. Love the colors of blue you're using in this part!!

INGRID said...

it looks nice, I'm looking forward to see it grow!

threadbear said...

Looking fabulous!