Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kim's Dragon Rider

As usual I'm starting by thanking Susan for putting my update up for me, thank you Susan!
Here's my progress on Dragon Rider, and I'm quite happy with it because I managed to get all the confetti done on my first page of it, and that was a lot of confetti so it's a lovely feeling so see the end of that, on this page at least. You don't want to see the back of this, it's awful. I'm hoping the large area of one colour will help to cover all the trailing threads, at least a bit. I was really disappointed with this page because it didn't really look like anything, but when I looked at the photo I actually started to see the picture developing where I hadn't seen it on the stitching, I guess because I'm always sat so close to it. If you're not sure what the blue, black and green smush you're looking at is, allow me to explain. It's the light shining through the trees, you can just about make out branches and stuff appearing, and the sky is pretty self explanatory. There's also a little brown splodge to the top right of the photo, that will be the beginning of the dragon's wing
Dragon Rider by Randal Spangler, stitched 1 over 1 in full crosses on 25 count evenweave.
Happy stitching everyone, loving seeing your updates


Cindy in MA said...

Nice work. I love Spanglers work. I am stitching 5 of his right now & have alot more on my wish list. I adore the little dragons.

threadbear said...

fantastic progress! well done :-)

ps you wouldn't want to see the back of my HAEDs either lol!