Thursday, November 11, 2010

Touch of Spring


Hi everyone,
I'm loving to see all the progress on your stitches and the finished projects, I'm peaking on the blog every single day now, just to see what's new :)
This is my Week's progress, I haven't stitched that much, I know, but I've a couple of other projects at the same time (you can see them on Anyway I started using your technique of stitching per page instead of stitching per blocks of colours and I have my first page almost done... So I hope next week I'll be posting my first page completed and who knows, maybe the second nearly done...)


1 comment:

Ingrid said...

It is definitely a beautiful piece of work! You'll get there, even for me it's a slow progress through the many Wip's I'm doing at the same time! As long as we enjoy it, everything is okay!
I look forward to your next up date!