Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post from Buddy Morena

As translated from Italian by Kathleen (thank you Kathleen!):

I've cross-stitched for many years, but only recently got a laptop and discovered the world of online designers. I fell in love with HAED at first sight, and am just embarrassed a little by my choice [of patterns]--I began "Isabella" by Molly Harrison at the end of October, and am sewing with DMC mouline [thread] on 72-count Aida.

Kathleen and I would like to know:
Is there really a 72-count Aida, or is it some form of linen? And what is the mouline thread? I've always used regular old cotton floss . . .

Could be lost in translation, maybe?

By the way, I think Isabella is a beautiful chart! - Louanne


marianela said...

May be Aida 12? I think it's easy to confuse between 1 and 7

Lizbirdk (UK) said...

I think 72-count is actually 18 count, but counted over 10cm in true metric fashion. And mouline is just a posh term for stranded cotton! I love seeing all your fantastic projects. You are all amazing!

Lonneke said...

I like Isabella!

Lexi said...

That's good to know, Lizbirdk ;)

So cool to hear from the other side of the world, happy stitching!