Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking for More Buddies!

Hi All,
Your updates have been wonerful! Thanks for keeping this blog so pretty!
I am posting with a request. Any members that speak other languages, besides English, if you are willing to be a buddy please email me. Put the word buddy and the language (other than English) that you speak in the subject line. I'm currently looking for a buddy that speaks Italian, but if you speak other languages and are willing, I will keep your name in reserve. Thanks in advance!

Happy Stitching,


Rincón del Punto de Cruz said...
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Rincón del Punto de Cruz said...

Hello Louanne.
I love this blog, but I don't understand english very well, then I use traductor de google and so I can make amends with comments. ehehe
I speak spanish and portuguese.
Kisses for you.

l'amata said...

Parlo Italiano!

I speak Italian, if you are still looking for someone who is fluent . . .