Tuesday, November 30, 2010

correcting errors

Hi all! after thinking and thinking how to solve the problems of those ugly orange colors that appear in the hat .... I sent an e-mail to haed .. but there was no response and I had to ginger up so .... the I hope it's good result!!nangihnangih
I had some task to undo the piece to differentiate the colors orange. I hope to put new very soon!



Amanda said...

whether you change it or not I think its very nice

threadbear said...

It looks fabulous! :-)

Gizzimomo said...

I find it quite a common thing to find parts of my HAED charts that I don't like or think look daft but you have to soldier on as the design ALWAYS looks right in the end. On my Midnight Tender peice I hated the nose right until I finished the very last page but on seeing the peice as a whole I realised that I was the daft one as it looked perfect! Stick with it as it is and you'll have a beautiful peice at the end!

Sheri said...

I've finished 5 of these charts so far. The last thing I'd do is change the colors of a chart. When I first started stitching HAED's, I often I've thought something looked really wrong. After stitching a few more inches around the area, or even more, it always looked right in the end. If you just can't live with the colors, email HAED from their contact page on the website. I know they have had bad winter weather the last week, and may be behind in answering emails. If they don't get back, send another. I'm sure Michele will help you.

Bonnie520 said...

I would advise sticking with it with the original colors. So many times I have been working on a chart and hating the colors or the way it is coming out, until I get just the right stitch in and it all comes together beautifully!

Cuchitri said...

I appreciate, but not is a simple tone, it's a set of colors is assumed that the Santa Claus costume is red and not orange butane!
so I had to change six colors specifically, and there is another girl who has my same problem and one that is making another of
another designer and who happens exactly