Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow, to be so lucky to find an invitation to post on this HAED. Thank you for making my day... Ok, so I have not been up on the stitching of  my self named "Little Darling" properly known as "XMAS" by Sandra Kuck, however here is a pic of where it sits, and yes, it is probably the same pic posted some time ago when I was a buddy to Louanne.
I have been busy on other projects and being a huge fan of Loons, it seems to be a theme in the stitching dept right now. I will get back to my "LD" soon because I am working in a rotation which might be a good thing.

Seems that I have been trying to work on a new piece and once that is finished I finish an older WIP from the Great Pile of UFO's. and this is bringing me to the realization that I HAVE NO MORE WALL SPACE...  As I mentioned, I have a great love for Loons and can hardly wait to begin a new piece named Northern Tranquility, not a HAED but man wouldn't it be wonderful if they came out with one. Hummmm. The Northern Tranquility is very similar to working on a HAED as it is a full piece, and no back stitching, just tons and tons of confetti stitching. I may work a month on it and than a month on my LD.

So much to stitch, so little time.
Be always in stitches.



Sabine S. said...

I guess "Welcome to full membership" is appropriate here! Sounds like you have your stitching hands full, but I look forward to more HAED WIPS in the future! My buddy is stitching X Mas as well.

Astrid said...

welcome Jayne !!! nice to see youre work...

Ingrid said...

Welcome , i look forward to see more !