Sunday, May 2, 2010

Could This Be The One????

My heart is skipping beats and I'm drooling! I could write two pages on everything I love about this piece! The wallpaper, the beams of moonlight, the candlesticks, her dress, the carvings on the couch, the stone window...oh my!!!!!!!

Impetuous Arrival (one of yesterday's new charts)


Jan said...

I have to admit I was drawn to this one also. So, are you getting it?

Sabine S. said...

Oh Jan, that is the question, isn't it? Payday is on Wednesday, so I could treat myself during the sale. Do I love it and want it? Yes! Should I buy yet another chart? No. Will I? Probably (during the last days of the sale). Sigh...I have no self control, or other vices! Will you buy it????

Marie said...

Hello Sabine !
I hope that you have found "The One" !
But... I can't help myself thinking that if you ask yourself the question "is it the one or not ?", unfortunately, it's probably not... because I think that when it is, you don't hesitate and the question should not exist at that moment...
But, who knows ? Try the journey !

Anyway, the picture is beautiful !

Sabine S. said...

I will have to consider that you may be right. When I first saw it, I felt"Wow! That's pretty!", but I moved on. But somethig pulled me back for another look, and I saw something I didn't see before. Then later I had to look again and each time I see something new, I love it more. So Ireally don't know?!

Marie said...

Sabine, the only advice I can give you is : try it !
Then you will see if she keeps your attention, if you want always stitch more and more of it, or not.
Sometimes, the only way to know is to give it a try, don't you think ?...!

Astrid said...

O jeah... try it she is so beautiful. !! so full of detail and so wunderfull. !!!

Ingrid said...

OOOOHHH MY .... This is so beautiful! but I must say .... I have too many HAED patterns, I see one and I like it so much that I purchase it and then I see another one that I have not seen and that I like and I would buy it again, but when I do them all?? ppppfff