Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello everyone, I have a busy week behind and I'm not really able to blog but I worked it a bit further to my first Heaven and Earth "snow white" it did not work really well this time (and it's been so slow ahead ).... sigh ... I have to really struggle through page 3 and am still not finished I think next time (hopefully)! I also show again the picture of the last up date because there's not much difference! Yet a progress of 1200 stitches .....
HUGS Ingrid




Sabine S. said...

1200 stitches would be an excellent week for me! I can see the difference in your two pictures. You did a good job!

Marie said...

1200 stitches ? It IS a progress !!!

I hope that you will have more time for you next week, but I can tell you that Snow White is already taking shape. And your work is a pleasure to look at !

I love your little blue cat on the right corner of the picture !!!

Happy stitching Ingrid !

Joke said...

Ingrid, I can see your progress quite clearly! Keep on going, girl :)

Astrid said...

there is much progress!! keep youre mood and do an other 1200 you can see much difference !!