Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello all my stitching friends!!!

Even though I have not updated in a while, I have been stitching, a little on this, a little on that. Just call me schizostitcher!

I spent a week experimenting with tent stitching. I stitched the same 100 stitch block on different counts of fabric and with different numbers of strands of floss, only to decide I did not like any of them! It is definately faster, but I can see the "slant" and will never be happy with it.

I was very good and did not buy any new charts during the last two sales!!!! I pulled a new one out of my stash. Here is Rhyme and Reason by James Christensen. This is the center panel, starting in the lower left corner. Not much to see yet, except the special appearance by my dear friend # 310!!!!

I also pulled out a freebie, QS Fairy Tales by Selina Fenech, that I started a while back, but tossed aside in frustration. I love the color of the fabric and therefor had to make peace with stitching on 28 ct. The stitches look like little bumps, but I'm getting over it. But the fabric is giving me a headache! It's like stitching on wet gauze, constantly pulling out of shape at the slightest touch. The fibers vary greatly in thickness and thinness, with some closer together and others further apart. My biggest problem? Look at those light stitches just to the left of the red. They're a mess! No matter how carefully I place them, they look horrible! Any ideas how to fix this?

Hope everyone has a great week!


Marie said...


I'm glad to see your post !

Concerning Fairy Tales, I must say that I don't the mess you are talking about... I'm only seeing a beautiful start, and the light stitches are as neat as the others !
I'm sorry for your headache about the fabric... nevertheless, I love its color !

And Rhyme and Reason... Wowww...
Amazing choice ! It will be gorgeous... It's a design so full of details, so beautiful !
Believe me, I will be happy everytime you will show us an update of it !
Congratulations for your start !

I wish you a very happy stitching !


Ingrid said...

Congrats with you new start , it looks very nice , from here i see no problem ....I'm sure it is very beautiful !!

Astrid said...

wow Christensen is one of my favorit artist !!! gorgeous piece you picked out

Ali said...

I have also bought the "Rhyme and Reason" pattern, to be started after I finished "Twig the Fairy".
I am curious, are you stitching Ryhme
and Reason on 1 solid piece of cloth or on 3 pieces? I am not sure I can buy a single piece of material large enough to accommodate the entire chart! I hope you posts up dated pictures! I am VERY curious to see your progress!
Cheers, Ali

Ali said...

Is there any hope that you will post an up dated picture of Ryhme and Reason? Are you stitching it as a solid picture or with the 3 divisions as shown in the pattern?