Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcoming New Members

Hi Everyone!
Your work is gorgeous, all of you! I want to take a moment to welcome 3 new members to our Blog. Jayne (jayne@~an eye for threads~), Mel (mladner@gmail.com) and wichitastitcher (Paula, pdshelgren@gmail.com). Please take the time to post and introduce yourselves, we are interested in meeting you!

I have 2 more invites out for the last 2 openings, but haven't heard back yet. If I get no response from them I will remove them from the list and email the next 2 in line.

Happy HAED Stitching!


Sabine S. said...

Five new members??? Wow! Welcome to you all, can't wait to meet you!! Who did we lose,though?

Mel said...

Thanks for the welcome! :)