Monday, May 31, 2010

Die Walküre

Hello everybody !

I have finished the first page of "Die Walküre" (K.Craft).
This is a journey out of words... I am so much enjoying it !

I hope that you will like to see it...

Before :

After :

And a close-up of this first page :

I wish you all a beautiful week, and ...

Happy Stitching !!!



Astrid said...

MARIE !!!!!! I think this is a great journey !!!! Gorgeous !!!

Mel said...

So pretty, even the background on this one is gorgeous!
Can't wait to start seeing the bulk of the design. :)

Sabine S. said...

Oh I love the warm colors!!!! And your fabric color is nice too! I will be waiting to see it come to life.

Ingrid said...

it looks great, I do like the colors and I am already looking forward to see it grow!

Joke said...

This is beautiful, Marie! And I see a little woman's face on the left, am I right? I hope we all can enjoy following its progress and I wish you a most exciting journey!